New World International has been an international forwarder dedicated to the seamless relocation of families all around the globe since 1987. Operationally, we have the right processes and procedures to ensure a successful global relocation. New World International is proud to be recognized by the Federation of Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI) as an Accredited International Mover (FAIM). This is not easily achieved. But it does prove that our operational processes, procedures and standards are approved and accredited by FIDI. Only 57 international moving companies within the United States hold this exclusive certification.


The FIDI/FAIM certification is a formal Quality Management Program that is the world’s only quality certification geared exclusively at the international moving industry.

The FIDI/FAIM program covers every aspect of the moving business; finance, management, operations and customer service. It focuses attention on quality standards and making sure the proper processes and business practices are in place to provide a high quality service. In order to obtain FAIM certification, an independent management consultant physically audits a company on-site. The audit covers financial security and stability, facilities, staff knowledge, quality of management, insurance and risk management, legal compliance and customer feedback. In order to maintain this certification, an on-site audit is performed at minimum every two years.

The program is managed by FIDI but independently audited and covers sixteen parameters relating to moving - from the time it takes to answer the phone to the security procedures in the warehouse. The process of audit incorporates a weighting system (each stage is given a number of marks) taking into consideration local business and social cultures. If enough marks are obtained in each category, FIDI/FAIM certification is approved.

Certification is valid for two or four years before another audit is required.

New World International’s mission is to provide the highest quality service on every move we perform. We accomplish this by paying close attention to every detail to ensure that our commitments to our customers are met or exceeded every time.

All origin, destination and storage services within the United States are handled by New World Van Lines’ owned and operated facilities and RIM (Registered International Mover) certified crews.


The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) has set and manages the moving standards for all American movers. Registered International Mover (RIM) certification is voluntary.

In order to become certified a moving company must go through rigorous training and testing. Certification ensures that the holder is knowledgeable of all aspects of an international move. The individual in charge of the international department must pass the written RIM examination. Additionally the company must meet specific standards for equipment and facilities. These standards are verified by on-site inspection performed by the V. P. of International Programs at AMSA.

To maintain its RIM certification, a mover must maintain its quality service to the international moving community, adhere to the RIM code of ethics and principals of conduct, and every three years must be recertified by meeting all RIM® standards for recertification.

The work is done by New World employees (no contractors) with New World owned equipment, and your transferee’s goods are stored only in New World owned warehouses throughout the country. This method enables us to maintain total control of the U.S. portion of the international relocation.

Outside of the U.S., we carefully select the top quality providers in each country. Our decision is not based on price or reciprocity, but on the quality of their service. Once we have selected an agent, we make sure they understand New World’s requirements and the needs and expectations of the customer. We continually monitor the performance of our service providers to ensure they are following our standards and are meeting our expectation of the highest quality service on every relocation. We meet with our service providers at least annually to review their performance. We review the agent’s claims performance and how our customer’s rated their service.

By carefully selecting the best agents, making sure they understand New World’s and our customer’s requirements and then monitoring their performance, we can ensure our customers receive the highest quality service on every relocation.

Throughout the relocation process our personal move coordinator is in constant contact with the transferee. It starts with an initial phone call to understand the transferee’s needs and expectations and continues through the delivery. If an issue is raised, we document it and address it immediately.


We maintain total control of your international relocations. Within the U.S. all origin and destination work is handled by New World employees and stored in New World owned and operated facilities. On work done overseas, we select only the best agents, closely monitor their performance and stay in constant contact with them so there are no issues.

We are 100% focused on corporate relocations. Our staff and crews deal with high-level executives every day and provide them the personalized service they require for a successful relocation.

We are committed to providing you and your transferee with high quality service each and every time. We have spent significant time and dollars to become FAIM certified ensuring we do the right thing every time. Our RIM certified crews are constantly being trained on the best practices from around the globe to ensure your transferees’ most precious possessions arrive in the same condition as when they were entrusted to us.


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